And Then There Were Cupcakes!!!


You know you are enjoying what you are doing when you are happy to sit and build on your free time. Hubby out with the boys?? Annabeth asleep?? come at me fondant toppers!! So this weekend was a long weekend and i enjoyed all my down time exploring some easy cupcake toppers for someone who wants something on their cupcakes but dont want an extravagant topper. I started off with the ‘Princess topper’ – the blue dress. making a small ruffled skirt and then the outline of a sweetheart neckline is an easy way to incorporate a princess theme. change the colours of the dress to the princesses you want to represent and voila! Perfect little cupcakes for a perfect little princess. The when had a fondant doily, a large circle with an intricate patter punched out, the pattern is easily changed, all i used was a variety of piping tips for a different shape punched out. they look great for a more elegant cupcake especially in white. Pipe some butter cream and sit the topper on a 45 degree angle for the slant of ‘meant to look this way’. Then i decided to change from using just blue and added some orange for pinwheels!!! who doesnt remember being fascinated by the spin of a pinwheel! they would be perfect for a baby shower or even a quirky wedding (which is where I got my idea from). The great thing about the pinwheels is that they are easily changed, pattern, size, or colour. Then I went onto building some flat building block/lego toppers. Simple, cute and perfect for any little boy, or girl, I used to love playing lego with my brother. After that I was on a boy theme so went for adorable moustaches. Any boy baby shower should be little moustaches!! and lucky last minnie and mickey toppers. They can be used for a minnie or mickey party or you can use the whole gang. The ones I made are 3D but are just as easily, if not more easily made into flat toppers. So as you can see when i get on a designing roll I get on a roll!!! That is one of my favourite parts of creating fondant toppers, turning a blob of fondant into an intricate or beautiful topper, then seeing how it brings the entire cake together. Or turns an ordinary cake into one to remember! I know I just wrote a lot on just a couple of fondant toppers but when you find something that you love, you can talk about it for hours. I hope you are enjoying my fondant journey, I’m excited to see where it will go!! Dont forget to send me your ideas and what you would love to see!!!

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