Muddy Puddles

This Peppa Pig topper was for the cutest little girl ever, the reason behind my amazing adventure of annabethbakes began. My little girl Annabeth had her second birthday! Her absolute favourite show at the moment (I have no idea why) is Peppa Pig, and her favourite part of the show is puddle jumping!! So what else could I do than make her Peppa and George jumping in a muddy puddle cake topper. It’s very simple but exactly what she wanted. Trying to hide her cake toppers from her was quite the struggle!!! The toppers were completely made out of fondant and so are easily stored in a cool dry place for months. 
There are very few little girls or boys that don’t like Peppa Pig so these toppers are very diverse and perfect for any party, you can put them in any scene you can think of, Forrest, in the car, in the house anything that you would like! Pick a scene from any Peppa Pig movie or episode and these toppers could easily be used. Which makes them perfect and so easy to use! Especially if your cake doesn’t quite go to plan, you have the diversity to make it work. 

Annabeth absolutely loved her cake, she was so excited, it made me wish I could make them again and again and give her toppers every day just to see her face (: Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl! 

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