The Soccer man on Safari

The brief that was given was an interesting and fun one, a safari man fondant topper in a soccer jersey sitting on a soccer ball cake surrounded by animals. He was to be wearing large safari boots, holding a camera ready to capture photos of all the animals, wearing his large safari hat. He was to be surrounded by a lion, hippo, snake and zebra. The safari man was a lot of fun to make as I didn’t have anything that I could really copy, giving me a lot of creative license (: which is definitely one of my favorite things!! But definitely a nerve racking job as if what I’m thinking isn’t what the client was thinking would be horrible. Lucky for me we were on the exact same wave length (: The animals and safari man took a couple of days as I had to let the bodies dry completely before adding the heads and accessories. The safari man if his shirt was changed from a soccer jersey can be put on a classic safari cake or the boots and hat can be changed to make him a soccer player for a completely different cake. The animals can be used for baby cakes, safari cakes, jungle cakes, or a zoo cake! Lots and lots of different uses for them (: the feedback was amazing! Unfortunately due to dietary restrictions and lack of time she wasn’t able to make the safari man on a soccer ball cake but I made her some fondant leaves and she was able change it up to make it work (: Im so glad I was able to be apart of your birthday guys!  

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