This topper was made for a combined 18th and 21st of two drag racing brothers. Their mother sent me a photo of their dragster and let me do my thing (: 

The dragster cake topper ended out being 28cm long, I was aiming for 25cm but always get carried away with my creativity! 

Everything but the wiring on the engine is edible. The body of the dragster is made from Rice Krispie treats which are my go to for larger toppers. Helping to make them light enough to not squish the cake. Although the cake topper is a dragster it can easily be put on any car or racing track cake, especially if you’re wanting a variety of cars on your birthday cake. Whether it’s a simple figure 8 race track, displaying the dragster on its own, or having two and having them race down a rectangle slab cake, blaring to the finish. The dragster was received really well, the mum was very excited to surprise her sons with the dragster (: 

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