The Party Doesn’t Have to Stop because it’s Monday

When you receive an email from a client asking them to complete a cake and that a cake shop had personally recommended you, how could I not do everything in my power to make sure that I could fit her in! Especially when a girl wearing a tiara bursting out of a three tier cake is wanted, with a martini glass in tow. Every new topper helps me learn new techniques and fall even more in love with fondant. This particular cake topper was for a very happy party to girl to help her celebrate. Some notes to remember about this cake topper, the woman takes several days to dry and dries the best if done in stages, allowing each stage to completely dry before adding to it will help ensure the best quality cake topper and won’t then become inproportionate from being squished. The woman cake topper is very versatile either exactly as she is or by changing her dress / taking off her tiara / switching out her martini glass etc. The best part is that its simple to add legs to changer her from exploding out of a cake to elegantly standing on top. She was received very well, which makes all the hours all the more worth it. A happy customer is why I absolutely love making fondant cake toppers!!

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