Topper Tip Tuesday – How to Store Your Topper

topper tip tuesdy.png


Ever wanted to know how to store your topper before your big event? unsure of the do’s and don’ts? Or want to store it even after your event as a special keepsake from the day?

annabethbakes top tips to ensure that your topper lasts until your special event –

  1. Storing your topper in a card board box – the best way to ensure that the fondant topper is in perfect condition is to allow the topper to breath in the cardboard box (provided specifically by annabethbakes). If the topper is stored in an airtight container the moisture in the container will cause the topper to ‘sweat’ making the topper all sticky and the topper will also become soft and not hold its structural integrity until your event
  2. The box needs to be stored in a cool dark place – If your topper is stored in direct sunlight the UV rays will fade the colours on your topper making it lose its exuberance before your special event, the heat will also cause the topper to sweat and become sticky, just like the air tight container would
  3. Your topper should NEVER be stored in the fridge – storing fondant in the fridge will again from the moisture cause it to sweat and become sticky, which is last thing you are wanting for your hand crafted fondant topper!
  4. On the day – On the day of your event, place the fondant topper on top of the cake as close to the event as possible as buttercream, ganache, royal icing and cream will slowly dissolve the bottom of the topper and again cause it to go soft.

    Happy #TopperTipTuesday

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