This Weeks Cake Toppers

This week has been a very busy week for annabethbakes! Nephews birthday party tomorrow so of course the cake toppers are from us! I will post all about it next week as the cake style is a secret (: First toppers out this week were cute little pink crowns fit for a princess! A simple design but very effective as the clients little girl is pink obsessed! A darker pink lustre dust was added to the outside to give the crowns a little sparkle and make them a darker pink. These toppers would be perfect for simple white icing great for baby showers, birthdays or a little girls tea party (: 

The next topper out the door this week was by far my favourite to make! The client sent me a blurry photo of a fondant horse and some colours asking for horse cupcake toppers. Creating the marbled brown to bring the horses character and then of course they needed little apples to eat!!! The client was ecstatic with the result, being able to match the picture in the clients head is my absolute favourite part of making toppers!! These toppers can match any colour as the horses can be brown/white/black and can be given a horn to be turned into unicorn toppers which is a very popular theme at the moment. 

Last topper out this week was a little super baby. I was sent a photo of a fondant baby with a list of changes wanted. The light blue disc definitely made the colour of the super cape pop! This cake topper is for a baby shower but can easily be used in a superhero themed birthday. The client loved the topper and couldn’t wait to use him (: 

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