This weeks’ toppers were some superhero 2D and 3D toppers for a very lucky little birthday boy. The 2D toppers were made by copying images of the internet, I find having a printed colour picture that is to scale with the topper you are trying to produce really helpful with proportions. This is so important not only for aesthetics but for fitting all of the toppers on top of the cake. The Hulk fist was a little bit harder as most pictures are 2D, so started making a fist to copy 😛 The centre of the fist is Styrofoam to help alleviate the weight on top of the cake so that the cake doesn’t sink. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to message (: Good luck with creating your own toppers (:


Sorry for the lack of anything for the past year on this page, I took a break of the cake decorating world as my husband and I had our second child, pregnancy and cake for some reason did not agree with me. But he is now 6 months and I am slowly getting back into decorating (: So bear with me and I will be updating the website more often and getting back into my topper creating journey!



This Weeks Cake Toppers

This week has been a very busy week for annabethbakes! Nephews birthday party tomorrow so of course the cake toppers are from us! I will post all about it next week as the cake style is a secret (: First toppers out this week were cute little pink crowns fit for a princess! A simple design but very effective as the clients little girl is pink obsessed! A darker pink lustre dust was added to the outside to give the crowns a little sparkle and make them a darker pink. These toppers would be perfect for simple white icing great for baby showers, birthdays or a little girls tea party (: 

The next topper out the door this week was by far my favourite to make! The client sent me a blurry photo of a fondant horse and some colours asking for horse cupcake toppers. Creating the marbled brown to bring the horses character and then of course they needed little apples to eat!!! The client was ecstatic with the result, being able to match the picture in the clients head is my absolute favourite part of making toppers!! These toppers can match any colour as the horses can be brown/white/black and can be given a horn to be turned into unicorn toppers which is a very popular theme at the moment. 

Last topper out this week was a little super baby. I was sent a photo of a fondant baby with a list of changes wanted. The light blue disc definitely made the colour of the super cape pop! This cake topper is for a baby shower but can easily be used in a superhero themed birthday. The client loved the topper and couldn’t wait to use him (: 

Topper Tip Tuesday – How to Store Your Topper

topper tip tuesdy.png


Ever wanted to know how to store your topper before your big event? unsure of the do’s and don’ts? Or want to store it even after your event as a special keepsake from the day?

annabethbakes top tips to ensure that your topper lasts until your special event –

  1. Storing your topper in a card board box – the best way to ensure that the fondant topper is in perfect condition is to allow the topper to breath in the cardboard box (provided specifically by annabethbakes). If the topper is stored in an airtight container the moisture in the container will cause the topper to ‘sweat’ making the topper all sticky and the topper will also become soft and not hold its structural integrity until your event
  2. The box needs to be stored in a cool dark place – If your topper is stored in direct sunlight the UV rays will fade the colours on your topper making it lose its exuberance before your special event, the heat will also cause the topper to sweat and become sticky, just like the air tight container would
  3. Your topper should NEVER be stored in the fridge – storing fondant in the fridge will again from the moisture cause it to sweat and become sticky, which is last thing you are wanting for your hand crafted fondant topper!
  4. On the day – On the day of your event, place the fondant topper on top of the cake as close to the event as possible as buttercream, ganache, royal icing and cream will slowly dissolve the bottom of the topper and again cause it to go soft.

    Happy #TopperTipTuesday

Beauty and the Beast

Today the Beauty and the Beast Trailer was released in Australia (: To celebrate I created my favourite Beauty and the Beast character as a cake topper; Cogsworth! My excitement for the movie got transferred to the topper as he is standing at a very tall 26cm high, especially when he is made in a baby style. This particular topper would be great as a single topper on top of a cake although if Cogsworth was scaled down he would be perfect for any disney themed cake. Who is your favourite Beauty and the Beast character?? comment with your favourite character and you may see them in my next post (:cogsworth

Let it Go!

Every little girl at the moment is obsessed with Frozen, and so I was asked to create a simplified version of Elsa, Anna and Olaf. I found the simplified Frozen toppers the cutest addition to any Frozen party and definitely a must have! Because of the thicker body the toppers didn’t need a large skewer to hold them into the cake, which makes them more versatile than ever, not only could they be used as adorable cake toppers, they could also be used a decorations for the table or as party favours. What little girl or boy wouldn’t want their very own fondant Elsa, Anna or Olaf? The toppers were absolutely loved! The children at the party loved them and the customer was over the moon. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special day! Especially being able to see the expression on your little girls face (: 

The Party Doesn’t Have to Stop because it’s Monday

When you receive an email from a client asking them to complete a cake and that a cake shop had personally recommended you, how could I not do everything in my power to make sure that I could fit her in! Especially when a girl wearing a tiara bursting out of a three tier cake is wanted, with a martini glass in tow. Every new topper helps me learn new techniques and fall even more in love with fondant. This particular cake topper was for a very happy party to girl to help her celebrate. Some notes to remember about this cake topper, the woman takes several days to dry and dries the best if done in stages, allowing each stage to completely dry before adding to it will help ensure the best quality cake topper and won’t then become inproportionate from being squished. The woman cake topper is very versatile either exactly as she is or by changing her dress / taking off her tiara / switching out her martini glass etc. The best part is that its simple to add legs to changer her from exploding out of a cake to elegantly standing on top. She was received very well, which makes all the hours all the more worth it. A happy customer is why I absolutely love making fondant cake toppers!!


This topper was made for a combined 18th and 21st of two drag racing brothers. Their mother sent me a photo of their dragster and let me do my thing (: 

The dragster cake topper ended out being 28cm long, I was aiming for 25cm but always get carried away with my creativity! 

Everything but the wiring on the engine is edible. The body of the dragster is made from Rice Krispie treats which are my go to for larger toppers. Helping to make them light enough to not squish the cake. Although the cake topper is a dragster it can easily be put on any car or racing track cake, especially if you’re wanting a variety of cars on your birthday cake. Whether it’s a simple figure 8 race track, displaying the dragster on its own, or having two and having them race down a rectangle slab cake, blaring to the finish. The dragster was received really well, the mum was very excited to surprise her sons with the dragster (: 

The Soccer man on Safari

The brief that was given was an interesting and fun one, a safari man fondant topper in a soccer jersey sitting on a soccer ball cake surrounded by animals. He was to be wearing large safari boots, holding a camera ready to capture photos of all the animals, wearing his large safari hat. He was to be surrounded by a lion, hippo, snake and zebra. The safari man was a lot of fun to make as I didn’t have anything that I could really copy, giving me a lot of creative license (: which is definitely one of my favorite things!! But definitely a nerve racking job as if what I’m thinking isn’t what the client was thinking would be horrible. Lucky for me we were on the exact same wave length (: The animals and safari man took a couple of days as I had to let the bodies dry completely before adding the heads and accessories. The safari man if his shirt was changed from a soccer jersey can be put on a classic safari cake or the boots and hat can be changed to make him a soccer player for a completely different cake. The animals can be used for baby cakes, safari cakes, jungle cakes, or a zoo cake! Lots and lots of different uses for them (: the feedback was amazing! Unfortunately due to dietary restrictions and lack of time she wasn’t able to make the safari man on a soccer ball cake but I made her some fondant leaves and she was able change it up to make it work (: Im so glad I was able to be apart of your birthday guys!  

Muddy Puddles

This Peppa Pig topper was for the cutest little girl ever, the reason behind my amazing adventure of annabethbakes began. My little girl Annabeth had her second birthday! Her absolute favourite show at the moment (I have no idea why) is Peppa Pig, and her favourite part of the show is puddle jumping!! So what else could I do than make her Peppa and George jumping in a muddy puddle cake topper. It’s very simple but exactly what she wanted. Trying to hide her cake toppers from her was quite the struggle!!! The toppers were completely made out of fondant and so are easily stored in a cool dry place for months. 
There are very few little girls or boys that don’t like Peppa Pig so these toppers are very diverse and perfect for any party, you can put them in any scene you can think of, Forrest, in the car, in the house anything that you would like! Pick a scene from any Peppa Pig movie or episode and these toppers could easily be used. Which makes them perfect and so easy to use! Especially if your cake doesn’t quite go to plan, you have the diversity to make it work. 

Annabeth absolutely loved her cake, she was so excited, it made me wish I could make them again and again and give her toppers every day just to see her face (: Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!