Pikachu Cake Topper

Receiving a message late at night from an excited family member wanting to make someone elses birthday special. The brief I was given for the birthday girls special cake was a giant Pikachu. I googled a few images from the Pokemon series to get the proportions right, I was given total control of how the end result would look. I absolutely love being given total control over the cake topper, being given a blank slate to someone artistic is like looking at a menu and being able to pick any dish you want!! Pikachu ended up being over 20cm high, the centre being Rice Krispie Treats and then covered in fondant with all of the details being fondant as well. I received several photos from a very excited mum of her daughter kissing Pikachu and the Pikachu covering the entire cake! (Pictures on annabethbakes fb page). Pikachu is an iconic character that is loved by so many people, he is a bit harder to be versatile for more than one cake, but what little boy or girl wouldn’t want a Pokemon cake for their birthday??



Peter Rabbit

Once upon a time there were four little rabbits, and their names were — Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter

The brief for this little guy was Peter Rabbit. I was sent a few pictures of the original paintings from the book. I found a cake made by justdesserts.co.nz that had a small rabbit amongst vegetables. This little boy was going to get an amazing Peter Rabbit Cake. I made a larger rabbit out of white fondant, dusted with several Browns and blacks and greys to achieve the colour seen.

As this was my first topper that I had dusted he took a few days, fiddling with his shape and colouring. My hands and kitchen were covered in dust by the end of it but it was worth every stroke of that brush as he turned out perfect!! I was a little sad to see him go, but the reaction of the little boy was definitely worth giving little Peter up.

Peter Rabbit is a story loved by all and so he could be used for all sorts of occasions whether it’s a themed wedding or how he was used here for a little boy. You could also remove his jacket for a rabbit cake or an Easter inspired cake/cupcake.

Although these toppers are made for cakes they could also be for your table decoration or cupcakes! Who doesn’t want an edible decoration??

Christening Cake 

Christening cake
And then a babe was born..

There wasn’t any amazing story or long collaboration for this topper. I was sent an amazing photo of a christening cake and asked to make the train and the bear. I am unsure of the original baker unfortunately as the photo isn’t clear enough to see the name but I will upload the photo of the original cake as well.

The bear and train are made entirely of fondant and then air dried until solid.

Both pieces are very versatile for baby cakes, and children cakes. Whether it’s just a train cake or a cake covered in toys.

The cake was a hit and everyone loved the toppers (:

Mud Mud Glorious Mud!

This topper was so much fun to make! The inspiration for the topper was a story about the birthday boy. He is an avid 4WD enthusiast and loves to get muddy, the story in particular that the wife wanted to show on the cake was when he got his front left hand side hit a rock, got bogged in the mud and had to get helped out. What was once a nice clean 4WD was now a muddy, damaged Land Cruiser.

I collaborated with a baker getting a large chocolate cake covered in ganache to make a large muddy puddle with malteaser rocks. I made his maroon Toyota Land Cruiser out of rice Krispy treats for the inside so that the size of the topper didn’t squish the cake and then covered in fondant with fondant detailing. The spare tyre was the. Over accentuated to allow space to put happy 30th.

Tue size of the topper didn’t allow for much more on the cake or for it to be very flexible other than for a 4WD enthusiast cake. But if a smaller 4WD was made then the cake could be turned into a race track with other off road vehicles or as a work vehicle for various car themes on a cake.

The cake was a received very well. I was a little worried that he wouldn’t think the joke of him being stuck in the mud funny but alas he appreciated it and absolutely loved his cake.

Thank you for letting me be apart of your special occasion (:

Me like cookies…

🎶 sunny day, sweeping the clouds away, on my way to where the air is sweet

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? 🎶

Cookie Monster with the Sesame Street sign, balloons and Happy Birthday was done for a very lucky 1 year old Nate. Everything but the lettering was hand drawn and cut with a scalpel.

It took a while to get the brief narrowed down to what we came up with, she knew she wanted it 2D to fit on a slab cake and that her son loves Cookie Monster. A few sketches later of different Cookie Monster styles and we came up with Cookie Monster behind the Sesame Street sign, inspired by a similar picture of elmo found on Pinterest.

The great thing about this topper is that it is very flexible with size, Sesame Street character and name to fit the needs of your party and love of the child. It’s also very transportable as the topper is 2D and so there isn’t the worry of it toppling over.

The topper was a hit! I was lucky enough to receive a lot of photos from the client, with a lovely thank you message and how the cake was perfect!! Cookie Monster really  looked amazing on the awesome blue cake made by the birthday boys very talented mum(:

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas….

Christmas, Santa and chimneys aren’t only for December. This chocolate cake with blue buttercream icing has a fondant Santa clause coming out of a fondant and rice Krispy treat chimney with scattered fondant snowflakes.This cake was a little different to most toppers that I make. Hubby messaged me at about 10am saying that it was his boss’ birthday. My brief read – ‘She likes snow and Christmas, what can you do?’ Luckily I have an amazing friend who was able to bake me a cake and drop it off!! So all I had to do was make something and hope it dried enough to look ok for the 5 minutes until the cake was cut. (Sorry guys only my husband gets a cake in a day, for quality and drying reasons, 3 week minimum)

The inspiration that I used for the topper was the Tim Allen Santa Clause movie, the movie shows Santa try and squeeze down the chimneys and makes me laugh every time!! Add some snow and you have the Christmas and snow brief!

This topper was unique as I actually got to see the reaction of the recipient with the topper on the cake. She was speechless, got everyone to stop work and have a look. Definitely my favourite part of making toppers (:

You can get this guy any month of the year! Her birthday was in May, you also have Christmas in July or good old December (: change the snowflakes out of waves, surfboards or gumtrees to make your cake Aussie themed.

And Then There Were Cupcakes!!!


You know you are enjoying what you are doing when you are happy to sit and build on your free time. Hubby out with the boys?? Annabeth asleep?? come at me fondant toppers!! So this weekend was a long weekend and i enjoyed all my down time exploring some easy cupcake toppers for someone who wants something on their cupcakes but dont want an extravagant topper. I started off with the ‘Princess topper’ – the blue dress. making a small ruffled skirt and then the outline of a sweetheart neckline is an easy way to incorporate a princess theme. change the colours of the dress to the princesses you want to represent and voila! Perfect little cupcakes for a perfect little princess. The when had a fondant doily, a large circle with an intricate patter punched out, the pattern is easily changed, all i used was a variety of piping tips for a different shape punched out. they look great for a more elegant cupcake especially in white. Pipe some butter cream and sit the topper on a 45 degree angle for the slant of ‘meant to look this way’. Then i decided to change from using just blue and added some orange for pinwheels!!! who doesnt remember being fascinated by the spin of a pinwheel! they would be perfect for a baby shower or even a quirky wedding (which is where I got my idea from). The great thing about the pinwheels is that they are easily changed, pattern, size, or colour. Then I went onto building some flat building block/lego toppers. Simple, cute and perfect for any little boy, or girl, I used to love playing lego with my brother. After that I was on a boy theme so went for adorable moustaches. Any boy baby shower should be little moustaches!! and lucky last minnie and mickey toppers. They can be used for a minnie or mickey party or you can use the whole gang. The ones I made are 3D but are just as easily, if not more easily made into flat toppers. So as you can see when i get on a designing roll I get on a roll!!! That is one of my favourite parts of creating fondant toppers, turning a blob of fondant into an intricate or beautiful topper, then seeing how it brings the entire cake together. Or turns an ordinary cake into one to remember! I know I just wrote a lot on just a couple of fondant toppers but when you find something that you love, you can talk about it for hours. I hope you are enjoying my fondant journey, I’m excited to see where it will go!! Dont forget to send me your ideas and what you would love to see!!!




So this post may mean absolutely nothing to a lot of you but to me it is absolutely amazing!!!

I decided to to tag the Cake Bake and Sweets Show on instagram in a picture of a topper I loved making. As we all do when we are just starting out or wanting the chance of someone famous messaging us or seeing us. They replied!!!!! The account with 25.4k followers actually replied to me!!!! Soooo some back story on the Cake Bake and Sweets show. It’s an annual show, the best being at Sydney (Internationally renowned!!!). For the past 3 years the show has included a section for cake decorating, for novices, professionals, wedding cakes and specialty cakes. Definitely one of my goals would be to enter this competition and maybe win, but just entering would be the most amazing experience ever!!! While that is an end goal, the fact that I was messaged from the page has put me on the biggest high ever!!!! It is seriously such an honour (: and the first of many accomplishments I hope to have along my fondant and cake journey. Thanks for everyone that is following me in my journey (:

Baby Showers

I had the pleasure of attending two baby showers on the weekend and making their cakes!! annabethbakes doesn’t make cakes yet but when it’s for a cousin and a close friend how can you say no (: I had the help from my amazing mum to bake the cakes and then i was able to ‘have fun’ at them 😛 For my cousin I made a teddy bear clutching his blankie while he sucked on his dummy. He was a lot of fun to make! because of his size he took a a few days of drying, especially between the body and the head. When making a topper always remember that the base needs to be SOLID! so if you are unsure let it dry for a day or even two before attempting all of the decorations and the head or else the held will sink into the body and your proportion will be off or you will have a topper that has toppled. I then was able to do my friends baby shower cake where I did an elephant with his little rubber ducky and some bubbles, I wanted to make him with a base to see how adding some stability can also look cute, it doesn’t have to be an ugly  chunk of fondant to hold up your topper and it doesn’t always have to be a skewer into the cake. He matched the invites to the baby shower perfectly!!! Another note that I learnt this week was that when making bunting for a round cake, place the bunting on the cake straight away and allow to dry on the cake, otherwise if you look closely the bunting isn’t sitting perfectly flat on the cake, so lesson learned! Hope you love them! please comment any questions below (:

Fondant and the Time to Dry

Do you know how long it takes for fondant to dry?? This will greatly effect when you can order a topper (: Did you know that for a topper to fully dry it can take several days?? That isn’t including the time it takes to for me to create the topper. Some toppers also have to dry in stages so that the topper doesn’t topple while being built. All of these factors is what takes several days even for a simple topper to dry. So when wanting to order a topper please remember to give about a week for creating the topper and then another week for the topper to be dry, just to be safe. So when ordering please at least allow 2 weeks. BUT wedding toppers take longer! So please give one months notice for wedding toppers. Some may say that toppers can be done more quickly but to make sure that the quality of my toppers are as good as they can be. To have a topper that is built to last, it is also allowing time to create unique, one of a kind toppers. Knowing this shows how much a topper is worth and that every care is take to make your topper exactly how you want and to be the star of your event (: